Dommin Check in from Europe

Dommin have hit the UK and are playing their first ever shows on British soil in support of Lacuna Coil. Namesake vocalist Kris Dommin has checked in with an update from the first show…

Day 1- Manchester

“We woke up this morning to a snow covered environment. Because we LA boys aren’t accustomed to such cold, we layered up and headed to the venue.

First days of tour are always a bit interesting. The good thing is that we got to see our friends in Lacuna again. It’s great to be re-united and we are so grateful to be on their tour. But the tricky part comes when trying to get familiar with new gear I have never played on. The guitars are mine but the amps are rented. And being the first band, you don’t get too much of an opportunity to soundcheck before the doors to the venue open and people come rushing in. But it all seemed to sound okay. I certainly need to get back into touring shape. After two months off, I wasn’t surprised that I felt winded after the first song. But we all made it to the end alright.

As we made our way to the merch booth to greet fans, we realized we were on our way to sit in a dark corner. LIGHTS!!! We certainly need to buy a light tomorrow to showcase our rad merch designs!! I also found out our CD doesn’t come out until the 15th in UK. I thought it was the 1st. Why am I the last to know?!

All in all, things went well for a first show. Aside from being yelled at in the local kabob shop for asking too many questions about what was contained in their dressings, it was a pleasant first experience! We’re looking forward to seeing what Birmingham has to offer tomorrow….”

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