02/01/12 – 2 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow, February 2, 2012 is the 2nd Anniversary of Dommin’s debut album, “Love Is Gone.” We’d like to commemorate the day by asking you to fill the internet with Dommin’s music, pictures, videos and links.

Let’s trend on Twitter…

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12/21/11 – Dommin Tattoo Contest

We’ve seen many amazing Dommin related tattoos: lyrics, logos, symbols, and monograms. 
We’d love to collect and see them all!


After we collect all of the Dommin Tattoos…

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06/07/11 – Two Shows

Dommin is excited to announce two upcoming shows!

June 30 Dommin will be playing at the Slidebar in Fullerton, CA. Buy tickets HERE

January 21, 2012 Dommin will be opening for Nightwish at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los…

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04/01/11 – Dommin Down Under News

Dommin had such a great time in Australia that they wanted to share their adventure with you. 
They have posted a video with a montage of their experience at the Soundwave Festival and included some of the sightseeing they were…

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03/07/11 – Farewell to Oz

As I sit here in the hotel lobby in Perth, I’m recounting in my mind all that has happened over the past two weeks. We were fortunate to avoid a major issue and the keyboard arrived about 2 hours before…

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02/25/11 – Oz Blog #1

I thought to myself as we were arriving at the airport in Los Angeles to depart for Australia, I wonder if I’ll have anything to blog about on this trip. I laugh when I think about that thought now because…

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11/22/10 – Thanksgiving Simul-chat

This Thursday, November 25th at 1PM Central Standard Time, all the guys in Dommin will be using the chat feature at Dommin.Com simultaneously. It’s their way of showing thanks to all their fans for a wonderful year of support. 

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11/22/10 – The Late Great Tour Blog (Part 1)

It’s November 14th and we are on our way home. We are about two weeks into this tour and as I sit here trying to keep my mouth shut, insanely nervous that I might be forced to cancel tonight’s shown…

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