02/01/12 – 2 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow, February 2, 2012 is the 2nd Anniversary of Dommin’s debut album, “Love Is Gone.” We’d like to commemorate the day by asking you to fill the internet with Dommin’s music, pictures, videos and links.

Let’s trend on Twitter, let’s get Facebook buzzing! Who is Dommin? What are they about? 

Whether it’s a link to your favorite photo of the band or a personal photo you took of or with the band.

Whether it’s a video the band has, a live video you shot or maybe a link to a YouTube video that has the audio of your favorite Dommin song…. 

Link to it! Post it on your Facebook walls, share it with your friends, blog about it on Tumblr, Tweet it and hashtag Dommin (#Dommin). 

Let’s DOMMINATE the World Wide Web!

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