Mend Your Misery (re-issue)

Due to popular demand, we have re-issued our independent album, Mend Your Misery. This album contains original recordings of songs like My Heart, Your Hands, Tonight and I Still Lost, as well as unreleased songs like You Can’t Love. Originally released in December of 2006, Mend Your Misery was the result of two recording sessions with producer team Locas Productions which eventually became Dirty Icon (Lucas Banker & Logan Mader). The first took place in August of 2005 and the second in January of 2006. Together, they made for the full album that was eventually released later in the year. These recordings also feature drums by a studio musician for the August sessions and by Kristofer’s older brother in the January sessions. It was recorded at Undercity Recording Studio in Hollywood, California. Cameron joined the band in 2008.

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