Dommin check in from Paris, France at Bataclan

While on tour in Europe with Lacuna Coil, frontman Kris Dommin offers up his tour diary of the band’s experience. Here, Kris checks in from Paris:

“I’ve heard many things about performing in Paris. From the very bad to the very good. 
We arrived at the venue a bit early to do a photoshoot for a journalist who’s camera was broken when I was here in December. Looking at the results, I think the pics came out great! And I usually never think that.

We took the stage the last night in the 1st support slot. From here until the end of the tour, we will be direct support for Lacuna Coil. 
Again I was uncertain about the language barrier. But we kicked off the set and as we ended the first song there was a roar of applause and cheering!

The French audience loved Dommin and Dommin loved France. 
We were all happy with how things ended up.

One interesting thing. There was a meter that would monitor the decibels. Apparently there is a law that requires the sound not to be louder than 102. Weird to do at a rock show. But the sound was still good..just low. 

After the show, the entire band was taken on a cab drive-by tour of Paris. We got to see a lot of the major sites.

Thank you for a great time Paris!”

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