Dommin Check in from the Road in Europe: Day “lost count” (Eindhoven)

As Dommin continue on tour throughout Europe supporting Lacuna Coil, frontman Kris Dommin checks in from the road:

“We left Amsterdam where we spent a day off. Everyone did exactly what they wanted to. It was roughly a 2 hour drive to Eindhoven where we play tonight as direct support for Lacuna Coil. It is also the first show we will play where English is not the primary language though most speak and understand it. It makes me wonder, can I say what I usually say? Shall I speak less? Shall I make an attempt to speak obviously poor Dutch? I’m not sure I want to embarrass myself like that.

We got to the venue and it had the nicest most comfortable amenities thus far! We had catering with hot food!

I took some time to do an interview and sign a few things for local contests. There were these big vinyl pictures of the album cover.

Because DLR had the night off, we had the direct support slot for Lacuna tonight with a local opener. Its a good thing because you generally play for more people. It is a bad thing because, whereas if you are the first band, you can leave your stuff set up on stage all dialled in before the venue doors open, if there is a band ahead of you, you need to tear it all down and set it back up before your set which can pose a number of problems. And it sure did.

As the local was taking their gear off stage, I came out to find the holder for all my picks misplaced. I found one pick on the ground and I had one on my guitar. With no time to look for the holder, I figure I’ll be fine in this set as long as I don’t have butter-fingers. 
As we test the sound for the monitor lady, she proclaims that the “guitar is not as loud as before” during sound check. I think to myself, either someone screwed with my settings or the monitor lady changed something. I check my amp settings. Nope, all is dialed in correctly.

With no time to trouble shoot, we start the set. I immediately notice my guitar is hardly audible in the monitors. I’m hoping it sounds ok in the audience. I just play ahead. Somewhere near the end of the set, my guitar comes blaring out of my monitors. As it turns out, the sound engineer and monitor lady were trouble shooting the entire set. They found out that the one out of the four speakers being mic’d was blown. It was working during soundcheck. The only thing that happened during sound check and our set was the local band who we let use our speaker cabinets…ugh…sigh…

They were nice enough guys, but it sure doesn’t make me want to share my gear again. Now we have to try and fix the problem before the next show which there is certainly no time to do. And if we can’t fix it, I’m wondering what type of fee I’m going to have to pay for it because its a rental.

We were able to sell CDs at the show this time and we did pretty well with that. Apparently a lot of people noticed the sound issues but we still came across okay. We met our new fans and hung out with Pizza from Lacuna. That was our night.

On to Paris tomorrow… “

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