Dommin in the UK (Day 3)

Kris from DOMMIN has checked in from the road again! Currently on tour in the UK for the first time, supporting Lacuna Coil, the vocalist has been giving us daily updates of how things are going for the band. Seemingly, Glasgow was the best date thus far…

Day #3 Glasgow,Scotland 

“It was a 6 hour rainy drive from Birmingham to Glasgow. On the way up, we stopped at a gas station where I saw a very cool feature in Rocksound magazine. Right next to it was Metal Hammer Magazine that had one our songs on their CD sampler. Its a bit weird but very very cool.

When we arrived in Glasgow, the sun came out and Konstantine and I split from the band to do an intimate acoustic performance for 30 or so radio contest winners from 96.3, the rock station there. Apparently they had been playing us for a while which is awesome to receive such support. The rest of the guys went to the venue ABC to load in.

Though my voice was feeling a bit tight, I think we did OK. The audience seemed to really enjoy it. I always feel like the acoustic performances are something special. We got to stay and meet the fans which was great but we had to be rushed out of there to get to the venue where I walked into Billy soundchecking my guitar- we arrived just in time.

Through soundcheck, my voice was still feeling very tight and worked. Tomorrow will be a much needed day of rest. I tend to perform each day as if it were my last performance on earth so I probably push my voice a little too hard. Needless to say I did a lot of praying before the show. We hit the stage and unlike the previous night, the Glasgow fans were alive right from the start. We rocked the set and my voice was good as it could ever be. I was so relieved!

Throughout the day I was getting slammed with emails relating to the BIG day! Yep, February 2nd was our release date for “Love Is Gone” back home in the States. Not only were we getting emails from friends, fans and family, we received a lot of good news that we were getting a lot of support from iTunes, Yahoo, and various other sites that were featuring us. It was a bit of a dream of mine to walk into a store and buy the the CD the day it was released but that is not going to work out this time. It was a very exciting day for us. Great show, monumental accomplishment and we had plans to go out and celebrate. But we celebrated in a way I prefer. We headed back to the hotel, got comfortable, crowded into one room and enjoyed just hanging out. Each band member threw back a beer or two except myself while we just talked amongst ourselves and critiqued pop music videos.

In my heart, I was celebrating this moment with certain special people at home and with fans around the world. Its been a long road, but hopefully this is only the beginning…”

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