Dommin is “Not Afraid”

Kristofer Dommin has posted a new video for a new song called “Not Afraid.” You can also download the song and read the lyrics on the MUSIC page. See what Kristofer has to say about the track below:

This song is very symbolic for me. Few people know the history, but back before the band was called Dommin it went under a few other names in it’s first 5 years. And in 2004, when I got my first lap top and home recording software, I started making music on my own that I felt didn’t quite fit the hard rock band I was fronting. So, I started a side-project and used the name Dommin. I created a MySpace page and had a basic cheap website. “Not Afraid” was the first song I had made this way for this new project. All the images I put on my little website were colored negative images. Eventually, as the band was getting signed, the name Dommin was absorbed.

But I find myself here again, in a similar situation. Independent, without the support of a record label and with band-mates busy with the lives they’ve had to take on as a result of being screwed with by the label system; I am revisiting all the songs I’ve created over the years. And I’ve been writing music since “Not Afraid” in 2004 that never really fit the “format” of a hard rock band. And while I’m still hard at work dealing with the legal aftermath of Dommin’s 2nd album, I feel the need to get all this other music out there. I have the desire to express where my musical evolution has taken me for more than 9 years now. I found it all too appropriate and symbolic to release this song now, performed and recorded on my own, shot and edited with the same aesthetic of that website 9 years ago.

Things appear to have come full circle.

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