Dommin on the road (UK)

Kris checks in from day 2 of DOMMIN’S tour of the UK:

“Day #2 started once again with a snow covered Manchester. Because the distance wasn’t so far we didn’t have to wake ourselves up too early. We were all excited to visit Birmingham for the 1st time. In random conversations were told its more of a rock ‘n’ roll town. We arrived there with a lot of time to kill. Rather than brave the cold, we opened our laptops. I proceeded to check emails and make announcements on all our websites. Tomorrow is a big day for us; our album is released in the USA.

When it came time to load our gear on stage, I was happy to see that the stage had more depth, which means that we wouldn’t have to place the drums on the side of the stage like we did in Manchester. I made an ass out myself as I was adjusting the sound out of my amp. I couldn’t get any significant volume out of the speaker. Thank goodness for the guitar player from Dirty Little Rabbits…yeah…he came and turned up a volume nob. Hey its a new amp for me and how was I to know there are 3 volume nobs!!!

Anyway, we hit the stage at 7:30, and while I felt like I was much more “on” tonight with my energy, my voice and guitar playing, the crowd was a bit subdued…a bit luke warm. It was a surprise from what we were told a day earlier. Manchester seemed much more receptive. But in the end, I think we won them over and proved ourselves once again.

It’s a long way to Glasgow tomorrow so we will need to be up early. I took one more opportunity to blast my excitement about the album release before I left the conscious world. Tomorrow is a busy day. We have an acoustic performance that I hope we are prepared for. I fall asleep listening to Konstantine tap away on his keyboard with his headphones on as he freshens up on the acoustic versions of the songs….and I’m out.”

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