HIM Tour Blog (Europe)

Our first stop on the tour brought us to Hamburg, Germany. First days of tours are always a little hectic. Usually because the crew for the main band is working out all the details of that first show. We pulled up and noticed the large line of fans already waiting hours before the doors are set to be open, and in the cold and snow. Yep, after being in Italy, I’m a little bummed to be in snowy weather again but the anticipation of waiting fans, the size of the venues and knowing that most all the shows will be sold out have us all excited for this new tour. We all get ready and if catering on this first day is setting any type of precedent, then dinner is something I’ll be looking forward to every night. We hung out in catering most of the night. I made the long distance call to home and so I find a hallway to find a quiet place. Next thing I know, Ville comes around the corner and I introduce myself and shake his hand. We meet the other guys in HIM as they walk through catering to the stage.

Four shows into the tour, and that’s pretty much all the contact we’ve had. Its a bit like ships passing in the night. They don’t hang out much. The guys appear and disappear. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to chitchat a bit and at the very least express my gratitude for having us on their tour. All the shows have been pretty great. We’ve played Hamburg, Amsterdam, Dortmund and Luxembourg so far. Dortmund was a very reserved crowd. At first I thought they might not like us until I heard that the same luke-warm response we received was also the response HIM received. In complete contrast, Amsterdam was crazy! That show put all of us on cloud 9. Those people are out to have a good time and they did and so did we. It really made me want to return to Amsterdam as soon as possible. The fans were great and so were the giant pancakes.

We closed out the string of shows in mainland Europe with a show in Luxembourg. That show rivaled Hamburg in crowd response. But we had a great time meeting new faces by our merch booth. The people are very kind. Hopefully we’ll be making it back this way very soon. For now we make the trek back to the UK. We have a very busy schedule aside from shows. But we are going to get to close out the string of UK dates with one headlining show at a small intimate place in London called Borderline. It will be a great send off back to the US.

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