HIM Tour Blog (UK)

We were excited about coming back to the UK for our second appearance following the Lacuna Coil tour. We were hoping to see some familiar faces and we certainly did. We played Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Birmingham. The shows were quite impressive. The reaction of HIM fans to Dommin music was somewhat overwhelming. It was great for us and great for fans. Many commented about how the line-up fit so well together. There are so many things and so many stories for this leg of the tour that could fill up their own novel. I met a woman last night who has been a fan for over 4 years. She showed up with the old T-shirt that Billy James designed and I mailed out. It’s so nice to meet people who have really been following what we’ve been doing for so long.

I finally got to talk to the HIM guys for more than a passing second. I was determined to express my gratitude. So right after we took the stage at Rock City in Nottingham last night, I peeked into their dressing room where they were all getting ready to hit the stage just minutes later. All the guys were very kind and expressed how happy they were to have Dommin on the tour and that the fans were getting something really special with this package. It was very comfortable meeting them. I don’t know how to explain it, but when you meet someone with a similar temperment and personality, it’s very easy. We all wished each other safe travels to the USA.

It’s going to be really good to be back home. I miss it quite much. 
We have one more show to do tonight in London. It’s a headlining show at The Borderline. It will be a very intimate environment. We’ll be playing songs we’ve never played live before. It should be interesting. But I feel a bit intimidated. My vocal chords ache. I hope I can make it through one more night and I hope I can make it worth the long trip I know many are making to be there. I really want this to be special.

Off to London I go….

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