I’ve Got The Laryngitis!

So, here I am in my hotel room when I should be on stage tearing it up. Unfortunately, as I started singing last night, I noticed that my voice was not letting me do what I normally should be able to do. I powered through the set and felt pretty crappy at the end of the show.

I wake up this morning to find no sound coming out of my mouth when I tried to talk. MY VOICE IS GONE! It’s up and left me! So now I feel pretty damn useless. It’s really bumming me out. Normally Laryngitis takes about a week to pass. But I’m hoping I can knock it out with some poisonous anti-inflammatory drugs in the next 3 days. It’s been pretty rough though. It was only a matter of time until it all caught up with me. We’ve been touring solid since January 31st. I think I got sick 3 or 4 times when in Europe and then once when I returned to the USA.

I thought I was over the sickness but Laryngitis is not a contagious disease. It’s basically your vocal chords telling you the hard way to take it easy. And after all the coughing, singing, interviews and talking etc…I probably put my chords through some tough times.

So here I am, pretty bummed that I can’t be at the show tonight. I feel like I let the fans down and really am blowing a huge opportunity to expose the band to all the new fans we would have made tonight. Fortunately, the rest of the boys are at the show just hanging out. I hope that in some way compensates for not being able to be there. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be back in full effect for Pittsburgh. All I know is that I feel fine, I’m not ill, I just can’t speak or sing!

So since I’m here killing time, I might as well bring everyone up to speed on the latest. The tours in Europe were fantastic. We finished out the tours by doing our own headlining show in London. That was another show I didn’t think I was going to be able to pull through as it was hurting to speak that day. But after warming up and praying all day, I managed. It was really so neat to hear a room full of people singing the songs back to me. And not just a few songs, but EVERY song. They knew them all! So it was a great night to have a lot of crowd participation. We pretty much played the entire album.

So as we started with the shows in the US, it was very similar to the reactions in Europe. A small number of people there to see us and the large majority of people being very pleasantly surprised. My opinion of one thing is slightly changing. I used to hold the belief that women civilized men. But after being at these shows, some of these girls are crazy! People are literally fighting and getting hurt because of territorial girls. Now don’t get me wrong, those girls are alright, I’ve dated a few (hehe)…but you just don’t want to be next to them at a concert…because after they sway their arms in your face, they might try to kick your ass for telling them they should be considerate of the other hundreds of people around them. I’ve never played through so many fights at a show. It’s quite interesting playing a song like “Dark Holiday” as a security guard is knocking someone over the head and dragging them out the door. But all in all, the shows have been the best thing we’ve done. The plan as of now is to do some headlining shows on the way back from the HIM tour to get us back home to Los Angeles. I really want to make these shows special and I think they will be.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’m going to head into the Premium Member forum and check out some posts and respond.

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