Karlsruhe & Munich

We arrive at the venue in Karlsruhe and it’s a place called Substage. The name of the venue finally makes sense. We are literally playing under ground below the middle of an intersection which I am assume would normally be a pedestrian route for crossing the street. I’m a bit bummed that there is no projection here to put up our backdrop. We had some technical issues tonight with the drums sliding across the floor. Things like that make it feel a little more like a rock show. I feel like I thrive a bit off of the challenge of things going awry. All in all it was good.

The next day we play Munich. After getting lost from haven been given the incorrect address, we arrive at a place that seems a bit like a botantical garden. This place has three rooms. There is a concert going on just next door and I hear that its some type of pagan fest. Lots of growling and million mile an hour solos bleed through the walls. Its the last show in Germany on this tour. We do what we do and I think that Munich might have been the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd in Germany.

Tomorrow is a day off. We’ll be spending it where “The Sound of Music” was filmed, Salzburg, Austria. This is also the birthplace of Mozart. I am writing this as we are just outside the city. It certainly is a beautiful alpine town. This will be a great place to lose any sense of time and enjoy the surroundings.

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