Memory Lane & Tomorrow Avenue

Hey everyone!
Dommin is getting ready to release a bunch of new music. This is stuff that has either been tied up or we’ve been holding back for so long.  It touches on VARIOUS GENRES.  YouTube will be our primary vehicle for the music so be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

The full plan isn’t quite sussed out just yet. We may post a song every other week and then release 3 albums at the end of the year. Or we may release EPs intermittently. We aren’t saying “no” to signing to a label, but we aren’t actively seeking one either.(we’ve already received a few offers) If someone should come along, likes what we’re doing and wants to be a part of it, then great. That may change the trajectory of how we will be releasing new material. There are no rules and THAT is exciting!

The point is right now, we’re all tired of waiting and holding back. If we died tomorrow, we’d feel like idiots for just not getting all this music out there. So we’re living like these are our last days on earth and we hope you enjoy what you hear.

You can help the band by sharing what we post. Post it on your Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, forward the link to someone you think might be able to help in some way. We’d love to get some television and movie placements for this new music. And we wouldn’t mind partnering up with a sponsor or label that would find this relationship mutually beneficial. YOU are our public relations.

We might tour, we might play shows…we’re not quite sure. But we’ll let you know as soon as we do.
It’s been too long, it’s been so dark but that’s all changing. We miss you and we’ve heard your pleas for new music and new shows. Let’s light that fire.

Last week, I posted videos from the past 6 years to remind us of where we’ve been and to set the stage for where we are going.

More Details Here

Yours truly

Kristofer, Konstantine, Billy, Cameron

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