On The Road Again! Day #1

It’s high noon and we are on the desert highway on the way to Las Vegas. It will be our first show beginning what will be a hot and hectic but ultimately amazing month. We are in route to New York where we will begin our supporting tour of a band from Denmark called Volbeat. They seem like a group of very cool guys and I can’t wait to meet them. We caught a glimpse of their performance at the Download Festival in the U.K. However, before we reach destination NYC, we have four headlining shows of our own: Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis. I’m anxious to see how these shows go. It will be the culmination of our almost two years of touring. Places like Dallas we’ve hit on every tour we’ve ever been on except for the very first one. I promised Dallas and Houston we’d be back in August and I’m happy that circumstances have worked out that have allowed me to keep that promise. I just hope they haven’t forgotten.

Each of us have spent the last month and a half doing different things. Aside from coming together to play our first headlining show in our home town of Los Angeles we haven’t seen each other all that much. But man, was I so touched and impressed by that show. A group of very active fans in the Dommin Nation made plans to come together and share the hometown experience with us. They traveled from all over the USA: New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Seattle and Portland to name a few. Then we had some that came from out of the country as far the U.K. It was such a humbling experience. So many sacrifices were made to be there that I can’t thank them enough for their support. Many of our fans show their support in many different ways. We had so many people voting for us for the Kerrang awards in the UK. And though we didn’t take home the award, the amount of tweeting and promo people did for Dommin as a result of being nominated, which also came from the fans voting, was priceless and helped us so much. I’m very thankful for that. I’m also excited to say that I spent most of my time at home starting to piece together ideas for what will one day be the next Dommin record whenever it’s time. More on that in due time.

It’s good to be back in the ‘thee ol’ van’ again. There is something about being on the road that is finally starting to feel a bit like home. It’s really great to be riding along with my brothers in music again. Here’s to a successful and safe tour with fair weather, good friends, long time fans, new converts, unforgettable experiences and the rise of the Dommin Nation.

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