Rave Reviews For ‘Love Is Gone’

As LA-based goth-rock newcomers Dommin finally release their previously postponed debut album Love Is Gone today, the receptive reviews are rolling in.

Thenewreview.net writes, “Dommin’s vocals are eerie and extremely captivating, drawing you in with every breath. Tracks like “Closure” and “Making The Most” make you want to grab your kitten calendar and slit your wrist at the same time. Both tracks offer beautiful dreamscapes that are all overloaded with depressing thoughts and deep-ended emotions. I haven’t heard this much feeling in music since Depeche Mode’s Violator or Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses. Also worth mentioning are the piano/keys in “Making The Most.” They are interlaced with the thick wall of distortion and haunting overtones that Dommin bring to the table.”

While Noisecreep contends, “‘Love Is Gone’ is the darkly romantic, gothically tinged debut of Southern California’s Dommin, named after frontman Kristofer Dommin. Strains of DNA from Danzig, Type O Negative and Depeche Mode manifest in Dommin’s melodic, broody tunes, like ‘Tonight’ and ‘My Heart Your Hands.'”

Frantikmag.com praises, It seems that my bleeding heart has finally found a soundtrack after listening to this record. The darkest parts of my inner sanctuary and the blackest of my heart’s desires has finally found a companion in this CD. I’m talking about Dommin’s latest pitch black record, Love Is 
Gone. Hopeless romantics, melodramatics, and the broken hearted can really sink their teeth into this one and go along for the ride. 
Dommin’s uncanny way of making alternative rock music that sounds like your heart veering near the edge of the world is long lost in today’s world of rock. Only a few handful of bands can vindictively accomplish making this type of music from beginning to end without sounding contrived but Dommin has successfully done so. The intricate layers of soul-testifying lyrics, dark piano elements and the roaring accompaniment of cinematic drums, guitars and bass make a deeply intense but sullen soundscape of heartache and pain. The soul focus of this project is none other than frontman Kristofer Dommin, who’s vocally inspiring performance on this record is absolutely superior. Clearly hearing the pain and despair in Kristofer’s voice, it’s no secret that his vocals drive this record. Listening to this man talk about love’s deepest and darkest issues makes you feel like you’re not alone in your wretched healing from love lost.

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