Treviso and tour’s end

We are traveling somewhere among the snow covered Alps at the most northern area of Italy. Its our day off between tours. 
The show last night in Treviso went very well, and I can officially say, Italy and Dommin are having a beautiful love affair. It was another night of wild fans showing their appreciation and support for this new American band and us giving everything we had in us to the audience. All the shows in Italy were amazing and officially the best of the tour. It was a bittersweet show. We are happy to have accomplished our first European tour but sad to be saying goodbye to our friends in Lacuna. I think we will playing the same festival this summer.

I am curious to know what some of these cities are going to be like on round 2. The tour with HIM starts tomorrow. Its going to be the first hectic day as usual, I’m sure. It will largely be crew trying to work out all the kinks with sound and lights. We’ll be meeting our new tourmates as well. And we’ll be spending a lot of time together as this 2 band bill will turn into a 4 band bill in the U.S. I’ve already heard great things about the HIM guys so I’m sure it will be pretty cool. But we are hitting some of the same areas we did with Lacuna. Now that our album has been out for a few weeks in the UK, it will be interesting to see the reaction. 
I’ve also been thinking about the last show of this tour. We are leaving Europe doing one headlining show in London and I’m trying to figure out how we can make it special. It will keep my mind occupied on this long drive.

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