Vienna & Zurich

We spent a beautiful day in Salzburg, Austria. We walked into town and soaked in the birthplace of Mozart. We visited one of the largest castles in the world. It was like being transported back in time. So many things were well preserved from furniture, clothing and weapons.

The next day we drove into Vienna. I tried to imagine myself being Mozart and traveling by horse and carriage from Salzburg to Vienna to perform for aristocrats. It must have been a grueling journey. It was strange, but as we rolled into Vienna it was almost unanimous that we felt like we were rolling into Dallas, Texas. The show in Vienna felt like a flash. We couldn’t hang out like normal because of our next day drive, part of which we had to do that night. We have a long way to go to Zurich, Switzerland.

It was a total of about 8 hours of driving. Luckily, we were able to break it up into two sessions. We are able make the time pass by watching movies on the way. We watched “Sunshine” and “LA Confidential”. Both are very cool. However the DVD player’s sound is hooked up through the audio of the stereo and I think its possessed. Every so often, without any regularity or correlation, the movie sound will go off and we will be interrupted by German news reports. It always seems to happen at a very crucial part in the movie.

We get to Zurich and its a great show with very active fans. Some people actually knew who the hell we were. There was quite a funny moment on stage. I always prefer a round-base microphone stand. I like the simplicity and the ease of its movement with a weighted bottom. These boom stands have too many joints. It never fails that they move or swivel while I’m singing. Its kind of a challenge singing into a moving microphone. So, prior to the very last song, I try to tighten all the joints. As I’m doing this, the microphone slips out of the clip and hangs down pointing directly into the monitor blasting the audience with an ear piercing high pitch squeal that makes everyone as if in a choreographed dance bring their hands to their ears. Realizing the hilarity of the situation, I grab the microphone and yell “I’M SORRY” into the mic which brings the crowd and the band to laughter. Its moments like these that I find endearing because it takes the rock show to a much more personal and intimate experience.

The night ends like I wish every night would end. We’ve got a plush hotel tonight with a very moody bar. I sit at the bar, order a late dinner with some good company, some light jazz playing in the background and I can feel the tension leave me. I’m winding down. On to Italy tomorrow and the last leg of the Lacuna tour. Its gone by so fast. And I feel sad because it feels like we won’t see our friends for a while. I hope that’s not true.

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