1. I Still Lost

From the recording Mend Your Misery

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I Still Lost

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It all started with the chase
I was running in place
Always striving and straining
And never obtaining
What should have been mine
From the beginning and I'm
Always hoping to win you
To safely continue in

To Dust
And I gave you everything that I had

And I still lost

I dread the defeat
Fairytale incomplete
It's so tragic
Do you love me
I'm still guessing
I've grown tired of the dance
And the death of romance
I am bleeding
I'm dying
And you're hardly trying in

Crushed to dust
And I gave you everything I had

And I still lost
Yeah, I still lost

Let's make believe
That you want me
As much as I want you
Let's make believe

Yeah, I still lost
Yeah, I still lost
I've lost you now
I don't intend
To fight a war
I'll never win

Yeah, I still lost